June 1869 match vs Albert Park

Saturday 19 June - Albert Park
Crowd - 700

Melbourne 1
Albert Park 0

Goalkicker: Edwin Towle

Melbourne win

Melbourne kicked with a slight breeze, but for the first 30 minutes the ball was trapped in the middle of the ground. Then Melbourne rushed the goals and took advantage of a defensive lapse by their opponents for Towle to open the scoring.

The visitors were declared winners despite not achieving the usual two goals in a game required.

Henry Harrison captained Melbourne. Best were Harrison, Bell and Byrne.

Selected team
Adamson, Colles, Barker, Bell, Bennie, Byrne, Duff, Finlay, S. Forester, Goldsmith, Gaggin, H. Harrison, E. Harrison, Hepburn, Hinten, McLennan, Riggall, Stodart, Serrell, Thomas, E. Towle, WIldman, Whitelaw, Burtinshaw

Leader - 19/06/1869
Argus - 21/06/1869
Record - 24/06/1869

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