June 1868 match vs 14th Regiment

Saturday 13 June - Richmond Paddock
Crowd: 3500

Melbourne 2
14th Regiment 0

Melbourne win

Goalkicker: Larry Bell 2

The sides played a fierce game, and the soldiers came off worse. One of their players who was more experienced at rugby had to leave the game with injury soon after it started. By the end of the game barely any of the players wore shirts without damage.

Bell kicked three goals, but the second was disallowed as it hit a post while crossing the line. Henry Harrison was captain.

Best were Freeman, Harrison and Barrass.

Selected team
C. Barass, L. Bell, Bennie, Burford, Byrne, Chadwick, Clarke, Finlay, C. Forrester, Freeman, Green, Henry Harrison (c), T. Hepburn, T. Ireland, Leach, J. Moodie, McLennan, Stoddart, Thomas and Williams. Emergencies - Barnes, Disher, Goldsmith, Harrison, Fitzgerald and Robinson.

Some sources suggest the match was played on the Melbourne Ground and give the crowd as 500.

Herald - 11/06/1868, 15/06/1868
Leader - 13/06/1868, 20/06/1868
Argus - 13/06/1868, 15/06/1868

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