June 1866 match vs Carlton

Saturday 30 June - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 1
Carlton 0

Match drawn

Goalkicker: de Courcey Ireland

A field umpire and two goal umpires were used for the first time. Before this the two captains adjudicated on free kicks and marks.

Both sides attacked without managing a major, but Carlton had an early advantage due to their tactic of holding Melbourne's players off the ball. The only player keeping the home side in the match was captain Henry Harrison, who put in a brave performance.

Melbourne got the only goal of the match, but as they were unable to score a second the match ended in a draw.

Best were de Courcey Ireland, Ireland and Henry Harrison

Selected side
J. Ogilvie, D. Ogilvie, R. Wardill, Bennie, Bruford, HC Harrison, Aitken, D. Campbell, McPherson, Snodgrass, G. Waugh, Neal, Riggal, J. Ireland, Hewitt, T. Ireland, R. Ireland, Lock, Treacy, Freeman, Kennedy, Perraton, G. Waugh

W. Campbell and a second G. Waugh are shown in some sources

Australasian - 30/06/1866
Herald - 30/06/1866
Bell's Life - 07/07/1866

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