The following playing strips have been worn by the Melbourne Football Club. All images are courtesy of footyjumpers.com

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Image 1897-1915
Canvas lace-up jumper
Woolen version introduced in 1906
Image 1919-1925
Red V introduced
Image 1925, 1930-1934
V removed and larger collar introduced
Image 1926-1929
Band added
Image 1935-1974, 1987-1997
V yoke introduced
Image 1975-1986
Royal blue version for colour TV.
Image 1998-1999
Yoke widened
Image 2000-2002
Yoke widened further
Image 2003, 2005-2007
Smaller yoke
Image 2004
Lighter blue and added logo
Image 2008
New logo under yoke
Image 2009
Logo removed
Image 2010
Darker with rounded collar
Image 2011-2012
Darker Blue and Red, revised collar, new logo, stars added on collar
Image 2013
Revised collar, back to standard navy/red,
Image 2014
Revised collar, MCC logo replaced stars on collar


Image 2004
Original away strip
Image 2005-2007
Original away strip
Image 2008
Silver version
Image 2009
Red, new logo
Image 2010
White pre-season jumper also used
Image 2011-2012
Image 2013
Image 2014

Pre-Season Jumpers

Image 1996-1997
Image 2001-2002
Image 2003-2004
Image 2005-2007
Image 2008-2010

Heritage Jumpers

Image 1996
Image 2003
Image 2004-2005
Image 2006-2007
Image 2008

Special Jumpers

Image Round 4, 1904
Numbers worn for the first time during a match in Sydney
Image Grand Final 2000
Grand Final patch worn over the AFL logo
Image Round 16, 2002
Celebrating 1000 games at the MCG.
Image Round 13, 2007
Clash For Cancer
Image Round 12, 2009
Clash for Cancer
Image Round 7, 2010
Worn in conjunction with the Field of Women event.
Image Round 4, 2012
Tribute to Jim Stynes
Image 2013
Members names on jumper
Image Round 5, 2014
Player names on jumpers for the first time
Image Round 8, 2014
Worn in conjunction with the Field of Women event.
Image Round 11, 2014
Worn for Indigenous Round

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