July 1870 Match vs Carlton

Saturday July 30 - Royal Park

Carlton 0
Melbourne 0

Match drawn

Melbourne only fielded 16 players when their full team didn't show up. With Henry Harrison absent James Byrne acted as captain instead. Despite a grim struggle in a strong wind neither team managed a score. Carlton also had important players missing but enough to fill a side. The field was difficult to play on, with little grass, stones and even a boulder on the playing field.

Carlton were the better side but Melbourne's defence held strong throughout the afternoon. For the first 30 minutes the game was mainly played in the middle of the ground. The home side had their chances, missing shots from within 30 yards of goal.

In the second half Melbourne set up a defensive wall to keep Carlton at bay, before having their best chances late in the half. A string of attacks saw Carr nearly kick a goal, but it just fell short.

Harrison (c), Byrne (vc), Bell, Carr, Duff, Finlay, Freeman, J. Forrester, C. Forrester, Gaggin, Goldsmith, E. Harrison, Hepburn, Hodgkinson, Loughnan, McLennan, Ryan, Riggall, Searll, Thomas, Towie, Treacy

Argus - 30/07/1870
Argus - 01/08/1870
Australasian - 06/08/1870

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