July 1869 Match vs Carlton

Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 17 July
Venue: Royal Park
Attendance: Unknown


Melbourne win

Goalkicker: Charles Carr 1

A large crowd gathered to see Melbourne take on the previously unbeaten Carlton. After an hour of exciting play Melbourne scored a controversial goal which won them the match.

They were awarded a mark after the ball had clearly been touched. Carr scored his goal from the mark and Carlton argued for 10 minutes before the game could start again. They failed to kick a goal for the day and at 5.15pm Melbourne were declared winners.

In September captain Henry Harrison wrote to the Australasian newspaper claiming that instead, however, of giving up their laurels in a manly, straightforward manner, the Carltonians impugned the fairness of the central umpire in a most uncalled-for manner, and by such conduct set a very bad example.

Leader - 24/07/1869
Australasian - 11/09/1869

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