July 1867 match vs South Melbourne

Saturday 20 July - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 1
South Melbourne 1

Match drawn

Goalkicker: Donald Campbell 1

20 of each side played the first game between the two sides for the season, with Melbourne not yet having registered a win.

Harrison was Melbourne captain, and he loss the toss. South Melbourne had the choice of goal but the eastern end didn't give them a great advantage. It took half an hour of pressure on their goal for South to finally get the ball amongst the Melbourne defence, and eventually they scored the first goal of the game.

Melbourne fought strongly to level but couldn't get the equaliser until there was three or four minutes left before time was called. The goal by Donald Campbell was assisted by poor play from the South side who failed to follow instructions from their captain.

The match ended without further score. Best were Harrison, Freeman and Hepburn.

Selected team
Bennie, Bell, Bruford, Harrison (c), Horan, Fleming, Freeman, Finlay, Ferguson, T. Ireland, Hepburn, Donald Campbell, T. Moody, Osward, Jas. Stodart, Mack, Green, R. Waugh, Moody, McLaughlin. Emergency - Stevens, Lock, Holland, Hetherington, Gair, P. Sullivan

Age - 20/07/1867
Argus - 20/07/1867
Argus - 22/07/1867
Age - 22/07/1867
Australasian - 27/07/1867

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