Gabriel Szondy

Image Senior accounting partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers who was appointed to the board in 1999 and had his appointment rubber stamped at that year's AGM.

In May 2001 he was unanimously elected president to replace Joseph Gutnick who had resigned after being denied an injunction against a meeting intended to sack him.

Led the "Team Vision" ticket to the 2001 board elections and saw his ticket win all ten seats on the board with nearly 65% of the vote. He personally received 6,684.

In May 2003, Szondy made comments that the club would be forced to take "drastic action" if the club did not improve its performances. The Demons beat Port Adelaide the next week, and Szondy was forced to issue an apology to the players.

Szondy announced his resignation in August 2003. He delivered a parting shot claiming there were 'disruptive elements' within the club who "lacked guts and intestinal fortitude". He also said the players and football department needed to "have a hard look at themselves".

In his resignation speech Szondy named Paul Gardner as his preferred successor. Gardner had first been elected to the board as part of the Szondy Team Vision ticket which tipped Joseph Gutnick out of office.

At the time of his resignation Szondy was owed $200,000 that he had lent the club.

"Szondy apologises to Dees" - The Age 15/05/2003
"Quitting Szondy fires parting shot" - The Age 31/08/2003

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