Family at other clubs

A list of current and former MFC players with relatives at other clubs. Players are not included if both family members played for Melbourne. See the family list for all-MFC connections.

The list is a work in progress.


Shane Burgmann Jack Burgmann (Richmond)
Herb Matthews Herbie Matthews (South Melbourne)
Tommy McConville Peter McConville (Carlton/St Kilda)
Tom McLean Hayden McLean (Sydney)
Jack Power Luke Power (Brisbane)
Sam Power (Western Bulldogs/North Melbourne)
Len Smith Wayne Harmes (Carlton)
Bob Spargo Paul Spargo (North Melbourne)
Ted Thomas Leon Baker (Essendon)
Matthew Bate Graham March (St Kilda)
Luke Beveridge Jack Beveridge (Collingwood)
Stephen Bickford Edric Bickford (Essendon/Carlton)
Shane Burgmann Jack Burgmann (Richmond)
Corey Maynard Graham Campbell (Fitzroy)
Rob Dowsing Alf Dowsing (South Melbourne)
Travis Johnstone Norm Johnstone (Fitzroy)
Brock McLean Rod McLean (Carlton)
Charlie Spargo Bob Spargo (Footscray)
Steve Arnott Jack Arnott (Collingwood)
George Bickford Edric Bickford (Essendon/Carlton)
Barry Bourke Darren Bourke (St Kilda)
Lloyd Burgmann Jack Burgmann (Richmond)
Des Campbell Blake Campbell (Carlton)
Daryl Cox Nik Cox (Essendon)
Bryan Crimmins Peter Crimmins (Hawthorn)
Andrew Dale Frazer Dale (Carlton)
Allan Davis Chad Davis (St Kilda)
George Garlick George Garlick Jr (North Melbourne)
Reg Gibb Ray Gibb (Hawthorn)
Frank Halloran Danny Halloran (Carlton)
Stan Heal Graham Heal (North Melbourne)
Stan Huntington Bill Huntington (Carlton)
Joe Kinnear Colin Kinnear (Sydney - Coach)
Wayne Lamb Tom Lamb (West Coast)
Marty Lyons Jarryd Lyons (Adelaide)
Peter Maynard Brayden Maynard (Collingwood)
Tom McLean Paul McLean (Fitzroy)
Peter Moore Darcy Moore (Collingwood)
Wally Naismith Albert Naismith (Hawthorn)
Dick Pirrie Kevin Pirrie (Hawthorn)
Richard Pirrie (Hawthorn)
Billy Quinn Roy Quinn (Richmond/North Melbourne))
Lou Reiffel Ron Reiffel (Richmond)
Josh Schache Laurence Schache (Brisbane Bears)
Peter Sinclair Ben Sinclair (Collingwood)
Bob Spargo Bob Spargo (Footscray)
Ricky Spargo (Footscray)
Charlie Spargo Paul Spargo (North Melbourne)
Tony Thiessen James Thiessen (Adelaide)
Gary Wynd Scott Wynd (Footscray)
Paul Wynd (North Melbourne)
Shane Zantuck Ty Zantuck (Richmond/Essendon)
Jack Atkins Ernest Atkins (University)
Graeme Aubrey Robert Aubrey (St Kilda)
John Beckwith Wally Beckwith (Fitzroy)
Glenn Boland Brian Boland (Richmond/Hawthorn)
Jake Bowey Brett Bowey (St Kilda)
Angus Brayshaw Mark Brayshaw (North Melbourne)
Lloyd Burgmann Jack Burgmann (Richmond)
Chris Connolly Barry Connolly (Footscray)
Tom Couch Paul Couch (Geelong)
Rob Dowsing Alf Dowsing (South Melbourne)
Kyle Dunkley Andrew Dunkley (Sydney)
John Ferguson Jack Ferguson (South Melbourne)
Paul Goss Norm Goss Snr (Hawthorn/South Melbourne)
Shane Grambeau Mick Grambeau (North Melbourne)
Stewart Gull Jim Gull (South Melbourne)
Cameron Hunter Ken Hunter (Carlton)
Lachie Hunter Mark Hunter (Footscray)
Steven Icke Laurie Icke (North Melbourne)
Garry Lyon Peter Lyon (Hawthorn)
Herbie Matthews Herb Matthews Sr (South Melbourne)
Brad Miller Neville Miller (South Melbourne)
Gordon Ogden
Terry Ogden
Percy Ogden (Collingwood/Essendon)
John Reid Bruce Reid (Footscray)
Ken Roberts Ken Roberts (Richmond)
Ken Rollason Neville Rollason (Geelong)
Xavier Tanner Gerald Tanner (Richmond)
Mac Wilson Arthur Wilson (University)
Ron Wilson Arnold Wilson (St Kilda)
Ken Albiston Alec Albiston (Hawthorn/North Melbourne)
Harold Albiston (Collingwood/Hawthorn)
Sid Anderson Claude Anderson (South Melbourne)
Ron Baggott Jack Baggott (Richmond)
Billy Barham
Jamie Barham
Ricky Barham (Collingwood)
Bill Baxter Ken Baxter (Carlton)
Albert Bickford Edric Bickford (Carlton/Essendon)
Shane Braddy Craig Braddy (Fitzroy/Sydney)
Angus Brayshaw Andrew Brayshaw (Fremantle)
Hamish Brayshaw (West Coast)
Ross Brewer Ian Brewer (Collingwood)
Eddie Byers Bobby Byers (Essendon)
Bradley Campbell Blake Campbell (Carlton)
Nathan Carroll Trent Carroll (Fremantle/West Coast)
Bert Chandler Dick Chandler (Hawthorn/Carlton)
Donald Cockatoo-Collins
David Cockatoo-Collins
Che Cockatoo-Collins (Essendon/Port Adelaide)
John Comben Bruce Comben (Carlton)
Harry Crapper Frank Crapper (North Melbourne)
Aaron Davey Alwyn Davey (Essendon)
Hec Davidson Arthur Davidson (Hawthorn)
Harold De Gruchy Bill De Gruchy (Geelong)
Fred Dick Dave Dick (St Kilda/Essendon/Footscray)
Gerry Donnelly Andy Donnelly (Essendon)
John Dorgan Jim Dorgan (South Melbourne)
Kyle Dunkley Josh Dunkley (Western Bulldogs)
Damien Gaspar Darren Gaspar (Richmond)
Travis Gaspar (West Coast)
Alf George Ernie George (South Melbourne)
Reg Gibb Percy Gibb (Collingwood)
Len Gibb (Collingwood)
Terry Gleeson Brian Gleeson (St Kilda)
Paul Goss Norm Goss (South Melbourne)
Kevin Goss (South Melbourne)
Archie Grigg Dick Grigg (Geelong)
Jack Grimes Dylan Grimes (Richmond)
Jack Hammond Billy Hammond (Collingwood))
Charlie Hammond (Carlton)
Ray Holden Craig Holden (North Melbourne/Sydney)
Ben Holland Nick Holland (Hawthorn)
Jack Huntington
Stan Huntington
Les Huntington (Collingwood)
Allen Jakovich Glen Jakovich (West Coast)
Nathan Jones Zak Jones (Sydney)
Joe Kinnear Bill Kinnear (Essendon)
Nigel Kol Michael Kol (Geelong)
Kade Kolodjashnij Jake Kolodjashnij (Geelong)
Ed Langdon Tom Langdon (Collingwood)
Ted Leach Arthur Leach (Collingwood))
Fred Leach (Collingwood)
Troy Longmuir Justin Longmuir (Fremantle)
Herbie Matthews Don Matthews (South Melbourne)
Corey Maynard Braydon Maynard (Collingwood)
James McDonald
Anthony McDonald
Alex McDonald (Collingwood)
Glenn McLean Paul McLean (Fitzroy)
Cale Morton Jarryd Morton (Hawthorn)
Mitch Morton (Richmond/Sydney)
Shannon Motlop Daniel Motlop (North Melbourne/Port Adelaide))
Steven Motlop (Geelong)
Leo Nolan Clarrie and Jack Nolan (North Melbourne)
George Oliver Norm Oliver (Collingwood)
Jim Oppy Max Oppy (Richmond)
Luke Ottens Brad Ottens (Richmond/Geelong)
Harry Parkin Jack Parkin (Geelong)
John Reid Bruce Reid Jnr (Footscray)
Leo Rush Bryan, Bob (Collingwood)
Gerald and Kevin Rush (Richmond)
Ray Sampson Brian Sampson (Essendon)
Cliff Tyson Charlie Tyson (Collingwood/North Melbourne))
Ernie Vollugi Herc Vollugi (Essendon))
Matthew Warnock Robert Warnock (Fremantle/Carlton)
Stephen Wearne David Wearne (Brisbane Lions)
David Rodan Helen Roden (Collingwood)
Ken Albiston David Albiston (Hawthorn)
Sid Anderson Syd Anderson (South Melbourne))
Graeme Anderson (Collingwood)
Les Bamblett Andrew Lovett (Essendon)
Chris Egan (Collingwood)
Aaron Davey Alwyn Davey Jr. (Essendon)
Fred Fanning John Fanning (Essendon)
Glenn McLean Hayden McLean (Sydney)
Colin Niven
Ray Niven
Les Reeves (North Melbourne)
John Reeves (North Melbourne/St Kilda)
John Reid Ben Reid (Collingwood)
Sam Reid (Sydney)
Peter Yeo Ben Sinclair (Collingwood)
Ben Brown James Manson (Collingwood)
Bert Chandler Newton Chandler (Carlton)
Bill Deague Maurie Sheehy (Collingwood)
Dale Dickson Des Dickson (Hawthorn)
James Frawley Danny Frawley (St Kilda)
Gary Guy Eric Guy (St Kilda)
Rod Keogh Trevor Keogh (Carlton)
George Lenne Bert Lennie (Fitzroy)
Frank McGrath
Shane McGrath
Pat Hickey (Fitzroy)
Brock McLean Ricky McLean (Carlton/Richmond)
Alec Proudfoot Bill Proudfoot (Collingwood)


Jake Bowey Hannah Bowey (North Melbourne - sister)
Maggie Caris Rene Caris (Geelong - sister)
Shae Sloane Rory Sloane (Adelaide - brother)

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