Eddie Fox

Image DOB: Unknown
Died: Unknown

From: North Park/North Melbourne

Captain - 1889, 1891 - 1895
Victorian state player - 1890, 1891

Made his VFA debut with North Melbourne in 1886, then moved to Melbourne in 1887 where he played until 1895.

Fox was elected captain in August 1892 when the incumbent Aitken moved to America. He played every match for seven years in a row before missing a game in August 1893.

Known as a rough player who "invariably brings down as many comrades as opponents".

Retired in August 1895 and handed the captaincy over to Joe Wilson.

His brother Thomas played in 1889.

Pre-VFL Players

Also served as captain during 1889, though it's not sure if this was permanent or as a fill in. Some sources say he was captain continuously from 1885.

His brother D. Fox also played from 1889 to 1892

Some sources have him playing from 1886 to 1896.

May have been the "Eddy Fox" shown as playing in Adelaide in the late 1870's and early 1880's.

The Argus 08/08/1892
The Argus - 15/05/1893
The Argus - 21/08/1893
The Australasian - 31/08/1895

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