August 1894 Match vs Essendon

Saturday 18 August - East Melbourne
Crowd: 17,000

Essendon 1.2, 3.3, 6.4, 10.8
Melbourne 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 3.3

Goalkickers: Smith 1, McGinis 1, Fry 1

Eight wins in a row had seen Melbourne get within mathematical range of Essendon at the top of the ladder, with a chance to snatch the VFA premiership if the defending champions suffered a disaster in the last few weeks.

The first step was to beat Essendon to cut the gap, and they failed the test. The victory officially sealed the flag for the black and reds. It was their fourth championship in a row.

In a massive game both teams started nervously, before Essendon took over in the second half. It didn't help Melbourne that Moysey, usually one of their best, played the game wrapped in bandages "like a mummy". They had larger problems, outplayed across the ground and with a usually strong ruck barely breaking even in the first half before being obliterated in the second.

It was the first time in the 1890s that Melbourne had conceded more than 10 goals in a game. Few of their players even remotely impressed as Essendon put on a premiership party. At half time Melbourne were told to watch their men more closely, but their performance in this area deteriorated rather than improved in the second half.

Similar colours caused Melbourne trouble, and several times they little marked to Essendon opponents instead of their own team. They weren't significantly impacted by the umpiring, conceding 18 free kicks while being granted only 12 of their own.

Best were McGinis, Wardill and O'Dwyer.

The Argus - 20/08/1894

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