August 1879 match vs Hotham

Saturday 2 August - MCG
Crowd: 4000-5000

Melbourne 5.8
Hotham 2.8 (half time 3.8-1.1)

Melbourne win by 3 goals

Goalkickers: Murdoch McKenzie 2, John McDonald 2, Bob Sillett 1

Since the opening day of the season Melbourne had won four games against 'junior' sides, but had not tasted victory since beating VFA newcomers South Melbourne that day. They finally got back in the winner's circle with a comfortable victory over Hotham.

The two sides had drawn in May, so special attention was paid to the result. With gate takings to be donated to a hospital charity there was also a focus on the attendance, which was considerably lower than some games seen in the metropolis that season.

While Melbourne won the return match comfortably it was a fast, well-fought game from start to finish. The two sides spent the early minutes going from end-to-end without a score. The home side eventually kicked two behinds, and had the Hotham goal under siege but it took them eight behinds for McKenzie to finally open the scoring. Swyer added another one not long after and McDonald scored a third.

Hotham got a consolation goal late in the second half, and this success seemingly spurred them on in the second half where they spent the first few minutes threatening the Melbourne goal. They couldn't convert though, and McDonald kicked the fourth goal of the day for the home side.

Hotham did get a second goal, but it was too late. McKenzie put an exclamation mark on the result with the fifth goal and Melbourne were winners again.

Best were E. Longden, McKenzie and Lamrock.

Some sources say Swyer scored a goal not Bob Sillett.

Leader - 02/08/1879
Argus - 04/08/1879
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Australasian - 09/08/1879

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