August 1879 match vs Geelong

Saturday 9 August - Melbourne Ground
Crowd: 12,000

Melbourne 1.7
Geelong 8.16 (half time 0.5-5.7)

Geelong win by 7 goals

Goalkicker: John Booth 1

Despite having gone more than two months without a win before their win over Hotham the previous Saturday, Melbourne's clash with Geelong was still billed as "the principal engagement of the season" and accordingly the side practiced every day of the week.

The extra practice didn't help them though, as they were thrashed convincingly. Even Geelong running late due to the trains didn't stop them from running rampant - they kicked the first goal 16 seconds into the first half. They got their second goal before the half an hour mark, and Melbourne's grim defence of their goal couldn't hold out five goals by half time. In contrast to improved recent form, the Reds were mediocre and prone to fumbling.

At the start of the second hour the home side showed more determination, but they soon conceded the sixth goal of the game. Geelong were dominating courtesy of better teamwork and innovative tactics which the Reds hadn't seen before.

Booth finally scored a consolation for the home side but they conceded two more goals and were beaten heavily - if the visitors had kicked straighter the result would have been even more lopsided.

Best were Will Sandilands, Boys and Swyer.

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Australasian - 16/08/1879

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