August 1874 Match vs Carlton

Saturday August 15 - Royal Park
Crowd - 7000

Carlton 2
Melbourne 1 (half time 1-0)

Goalkicker: Bob Sillett 1

The two sides met for the third time that season in front of an "unusually large crowd" at Royal Park, where play was made difficult due to the boundaries not being properly marked out.

A high wind interrupted the match, but the forecast rain held off. The ground had avoided influence from overnight showers. Goldsmith captained the Reds, but he lost the coin toss and Carlton won the right to kick with the wind.

Having lost their last two meetings with their old rivals Melbourne attacked strong early before Carlton wrested the advantage back. Carlton goalled first at the 20 minute mark. Despite the fact they were kicking into a strong breeze Melbourne continued pressing forward but Carr's kick from 30 yards out was caught in the wind and fell short. It was their best chance and they went to the half a goal down.

Melbourne started with the breeze in their favour in the second half and attacked first but the wind soon dropped down. Despite this Sillett equalised for Melbourne and as they pushed for a second goal they had a number of close shaves. Carr's shot was marked on the line, another Sillett effort was intercepted on the line by Carlton's goalkeeper and an Angus Cumming snap also fell short and was mopped up by the keeper.

As Carlton's supporters began encroaching on the field their side got the ball forward quickly, and a lucky kick found a Blue in perfect position to score the second goal. The jubilant crowd pushed in even further on the poorly marked out playing arena, and in the chaos Carlton got what they thought was a third goal. It was only ruled a behind, and the decision prompted most of the remaining fans to enter the arena as well and the game was called off.

Best were Carr, Baker and Jillett.

Australasian shows crowd between 5000 - 8000.

Sydney Mail - 22/08/1874
Australasian - 22/08/1874

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