August 1867 match vs HM 14th Regiment

Saturday 3 August - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 2
HM 14th Regiment 0

Melbourne win by 2 goals

Goalkickers: William Freeman, Larry Bell

The two sides played a rematch of their brutal July meeting with an agreement that the Victorian rules of football would be more rigorously enforced than they had been the first time. Each team played with 16.

In front of a large group of spectators the soldiers did not appear to have picked up any more finesse kicking the football, and when they attempted to push through with rugby scrimmages they were penalised by the umpire. There was still much brutality, with spills and torn shirts prevalent in the first 30 minutes.

After having their first goal - kicked by Ferguson - disallowed because he had carried it too far Melbourne opened the scoring through Freeman, who dodged through play then drop-kicked a goal, and with the soldiers' gameplay neutered by the enforcement of the rules they were prey to another goal from Bell which ended the match and earned Melbourne their first win of the year.

Best were Harrison, Freeman, O'Brien.

A scratch match featuring players from both clubs was played immediately after the match.

Selected side
Harrison, Bald, L.Bell, Bennie, Bruford, D. Campbell, G. Dana, Finlay, Ferguson, Freeman, C. Forrester, Green, Hepburn, Hillsden, Horan, T. Ireland, Mack, O'Brien, Oswald, J. Stodart. Emergencies - Hurst, G. Waugh, Waugh, Holland, Moody, Hinton and Gair

Harrison (c), Bennie, L. Bell, Ferguson, Finlay, Freeman, Hepburn, Hillsden, Horan, T. Irealnd, R. Ireland, De C Ireland, Moody, O'Brien, Oswald, Stodart. Emergencies - D. Campbell, Green, C. Forrester, Bruford, Mack, Moody, G. Waugh, R. Waugh, Hinton

Australasian - 03/08/1867
Argus - 03/08/1867
Argus - 05/08/1867
Australasian - 10/08/1867

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