Coach: Dean Bailey
Captain: James McDonald
Finishing Position: 12th
Best and Fairest: Brad Green
Leading Goalkicker: Brad Green (55 goals)
Best First Year Player: Tom Scully
Major Sponsor: Hankook/Kaspersky Lab (Joint)
Members: 33,358

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Dean Bailey entered his third season as coach staring down the barrel of joining a small club of coaches to win three wooden spoons in a row. Most tipsters had the Demons finishing above just Richmond, if not on the bottom themselves.

The leadership group consisted of McDonald, Cameron Bruce, Brad Miller, Brent Moloney, Brad Green and new members Jared Rivers and Aaron Davey. After losing comfortably to Fremantle in the pre-season competition the Demons went on to suffer three straight defeats in practice matches before being spanked by the Hawks in Round 1. With the focus of the football world squarely on him and his side, Bailey's team responded by running heavily favoured Collingwood to a 1pt game which they could have won if Ricky Petterd - already on a career best four goals - had held a mark in the goalsquare during the dying seconds.

The near miss gave Melbourne some respectability and they won their next three games of the year to push ahead on the win/loss tally for the first time since the end of 2006. A fighting win over a decimated Adelaide was followed by a comfortable victory against the struggling Tigers before the Demons came up against the unbeaten Brisbane on a Saturday night at the MCG. To the shock of the entire football community the Lions were smashed as their opponents announced their arrival as an up and coming force in the AFL.

It all came back down to earth the next week with a loss to North Melbourne, and the side settled into a mini-slump broken only by a 1pt win against Port Adelaide in their first competitive game in Darwin and a second remarkable clash with Collingwood which this time ended in a draw.

By the time of their Round 14 loss to St Kilda, Melbourne had slid back to third last on the ladder and the promise that they had shown earlier in the year seemed to be wasted. Four wins out of the next five games put them back within a realistic position of sneaking into the eight. The highlight of the run, and probably the season, was the biggest win ever against a Sydney side coached by Paul Roos in Round 17.

Needing to win their last three games and hope for results to fall their way all calculations were rendered moot when Hawthorn won a tight, tough game in the wet at the MCG. Losses followed in the last two games of the year, although Liam Jurrah rose high above the pack to take the Mark of the Year in the Round 21 game against Port Adelaide at Football Park.

Brad Green won his first Best and Fairest award after kicking a career high 55 goals for the season, and he was rewarded with being shortlisted for the All-Australian squad. He did not make the final side, but Mark Jamar (interchange) and James Frawley (back pocket) were selected for the first time in recognition of their career best seasons.


1 Fremantle LOSS

Practice Matches

Essendon LOSS
Adelaide LOSS
West Coast LOSS

Premiership Season

1 Hawthorn LOSS
2 Collingwood LOSS
3 Adelaide WIN
4 Richmond WIN
5 Brisbane WIN
6 North Melbourne LOSS
7 Western Bulldogs LOSS
8 West Coast LOSS
9 Port Adelaide WIN
10 Geelong LOSS
11 Carlton LOSS
12 Collingwood DRAW
13 Adelaide LOSS
14 St. Kilda LOSS
15 Essendon WIN
16 Fremantle LOSS
17 Sydney WIN
18 Brisbane WIN
19 Richmond WIN
20 Hawthorn LOSS
21 Port Adelaide LOSS
22 North Melbourne LOSS


St Kilda1516121.662
Western Bulldogs1408125.456
North Melbourne1101187.444
Port Adelaide1001282.440
Brisbane Lions701582.328
West Coast401877.116

Exhibition Match

Brisbane WIN

Senior List

1 Matthew Warnock 130
2 Nathan Jones 229
3 Clint Bartram 212
4 Jack Watts 1510
5 Jordan Gysberts 30
6 Matthew Bate 1519
7 Brad Miller 610
8 James Frawley 211
9 Jack Trengove 188
10 Cale Morton 105
11 Paul Johnson 83
12 Colin Sylvia 1516
14 Lynden Dunn 1826
15 Ricky Petterd 612
16 Jack Grimes 140
18 Brad Green 2255
19 Addam Maric 10
20 Colin Garland 201
21 Daniel Bell 00
22 Brent Moloney 182
23 James McDonald 165
24 Liam Jurrah 821
25 Kyle Cheney 20
27 Jared Rivers 180
28 Joel MacDonald 170
30 Tom McNamara 00
31 Tom Scully 215
32 Cameron Bruce 216
33 Austin Wonaeamirri 88
34 Stefan Martin 20
35 Luke Tapscott 00
36 Aaron Davey 208
37 Max Gawn 00
38 Neville Jetta 66
40 Mark Jamar 2212
43 Jamie Bennell 1913
44 Rohan Bail 94
46 Sam Blease 00
47 James Strauss 20
48 Jack Fitzpatrick 00

Rookie List

13 Jordie McKenzie 192
26 John Meesen 00
29 Michael Newton 41
38 Daniel Hughes 22
42 Jake Spencer 20
50 Rhys Healey 00

Best and Fairest

1st Brad Green 295
2nd James Frawley 277
3rd Mark Jamar 231
4th Aaron Davey 194
5th Colin Sylvia 170
6th Cameron Bruce 168
7th Brent Moloney 166
8th Tom Scully 154
9th Colin Garland 149
9th James McDonald 149
11th Jordie McKenzie 148
12th Jared Rivers 136
13th Lynden Dunn 133
14th Clint Bartram 132
14th Nathan Jones 132
16th Joel Macdonald 130
17th Jack Grimes 129
18th Jack Trengove 114
19th Jamie Bennell 112
20th Matthew Bate 102
21st Matthew Warnock 81
22nd Liam Jurrah 79
23rd Rohan Bail 61
24th Ricky Petterd 58
25th Jack Watts 55
26th Neville Jetta 32
27th Austin Wonaeamirri 32
28th Brad Miller 30
29th Cale Morton 23
30th Paul Johnson 22
31st Jordan Gysberts 20
32nd Addam Maric 5
33rd Stefan Martin 4
34th Daniel Hughes 3
34th Michael Newton 3

Other Awards
Leadership Award - Brad Green
Heart and Soul Award - Brad Green
Ian Ridley Memorial Trophy (Club Ambassador) - Colin Sylvia
Norm Smith Memorial Trophy (Coaches Award) - Jordie McKenzie
Troy Broadbridge Award (Best player at Casey) - Brad Miller

Round 6 James McDonald Striking Reprimand
Round 9 Brent Moloney Front On Contact Reprimand
Round 14 Kyle Cheney Striking Reprimand
Round 16 Jordie McKenzie Umpire Contact $900 fine


2010 Casey Scorpions season
14 wins, 0 losses, 4 draws, 3rd place
Best and Fairest - Brad Miller

QF North Ballarat LOSS 84-116
SF Northern Bullants LOSS 60-71


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