2002 Wizard Cup Match 1

2002 Wizard Cup Match 1
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Friday 15 February
Venue: Docklands
Attendance: 13,815

St. Kilda4.28.610.916.13.109

St. Kilda win by 67 points

Goalkickers: Brad Green 2, Adem Yze 1, Shane Woewodin 1, Andrew Leoncelli 1

Despite fielding an almost full strength side the Demons were humilated by a side who had spent the past three seasons near the bottom of the ladder. With conditions outside Colonial Stadium predicted to reach 38 degrees both clubs were allowed extra players on the interchange, but by the time the game started the rains had come and the roof was closed.

Best were Johnstone, Bizzell and Yze. David Neitz was reported for charging and subsequently outed for two weeks. Steven Febey suffered a shoulder injury.

Neale Daniher said "If we needed a smack in the mouth, it's a good time to get it now."



Age - 16/02/2002

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