Coach: Neale Daniher
Captain: David Neitz
Finishing Position: 6th
Best and Fairest: David Neitz
Leading Goalkicker: David Neitz (82)
Best First Year Player: Steven Armstrong
Major Sponsor: LG Electronics
Members: 20,152

Matches Ladder Playing List Best and Fairest VFL

After seeing their 2001 campaign overshadowed by bickering and infighting at board level, the disappointing Demons had no excuses for 2002 and an afl.com.au pre-season preview suggested the Demons would either finish in the bottom of the top eight or just miss out.

Describing his approach to the season Neale Daniher said "We were too inconsistent last year. We started strongly and we finished strongly but in-between we were down for too long, so this year we want to show a lot more consistency."

The only consistency they showed in the pre-season cup was losing all three games, finishing with a 107pt loss against Adelaide in the last group game.

In May, Carlton president John Elliot suggested the Demons were no longer relevant as a tenant at the MCG. The MFC and MCC disputed the claims, possibly made as retribution for the Demons criticism of Optus Oval after Melbourne had been forced to play two financially costly games there.

Despite losing three tall defenders, Alistair Nicholson, Troy Broadbridge and Craig Ellis to knee injuries during the season and suffering from up and down form throughout the year the Demons rode the Coleman Medal winning form of David Neitz to the finals.

Neitz was the league's first league leading goalkicker since Fred Fanning more than 50 years before, and despite the raft of injuries and a mid-season slump the Demons made the finals where they easily accounted for North Melbourne before playing a modern classic against Adelaide. Five goals down, they went five goals up and somehow they still lost. A preliminary final against Collingwood had been thrown away despite Travis Johnstone playing his best game ever for the Demons.

The Demons used 32 players for the season, the equal least of any season since 1987.

Melbourne players on an end of season trip were caught up in the Bali Bombings. Steven Febey, Steven Armstrong and David Robbins were about to enter the Sari Club when a terrorist bomb exploded. Febey was thrown across the road in the blast, and the other two players were missing for hours afterwards. The rest of the team had already left Bali before the attack. Armstrong was forced to have a series of skin grafts on his leg after the attacks.

The club made a loss of $1.635 million for the year. This would have been closed to $2 million were in not for the dividend from the sale of Waverley. $100,000 of the loss was attributed to the election where Gabriel Szondy beat Joseph Gutnick at the end of 2001.

Players to depart the club were Steven Febey, David Schwarz and Anthony McDonald (retired)), Shane Woewodin (traded), Ross Funcke and Michael Clark (delisted) while Stephen Powell was allowed to leave the club for free to ease salary cap issues.

Wizard Home Loans Cup

Match 1 St. Kilda LOSS42-109
Match 2 Brisbane LOSS71-80
Match 3 Adelaide LOSS35-142

Practice Matches

Hawthorn WIN121-60
Sydney LOSS52-84

Premiership Season

1 Hawthorn WIN129-103
2 Port AdelaideWIN109-82
3 RichmondLOSS76-96
4 West CoastWIN137-103
5 Western BulldogsWIN104-81
6 SydneyLOSS71-99
7 St. KildaWIN105-102
8 FremantleLOSS89-94
9 KangaroosWIN111-107
10 GeelongLOSS63-89
11 CollingwoodLOSS75-126
12 AdelaideWIN98-73
13 EssendonLOSS108-120
14 Brisbane LionsWIN131-110
15 CarltonWIN139-95
16 HawthornLOSS67-93
17 Port AdelaideLOSS112-116
18 RichmondLOSS94-99
19 West CoastWIN106-100
20 Western BulldogsWIN107-95
21 SydneyLOSS77-145
22 St. KildaWIN135-117
EF North MelbourneWIN122-84
SF AdelaideLOSS118-130


Port Adelaide1804132.472
West Coast1101198.044
Western Bulldogs9112104.038
St. Kilda511678.622

Senior List

2 Steven Armstrong 13 7
3 Clint Bizzell 221
4 Craig Ellis 151
5 David Schwarz 1311
6 Scott Thompson 52
7 Stephen Powell 1911
8 Alistair Nicholson 112
9 David Neitz 2482
10 Daniel Ward 167
11 Darren Jolly 187
12 Nicholas Walsh 00
13 Adem Yze 2419
14 Luke Molan 00
15 Ross Funcke 83
16 Travis Johnstone 2221
17 Michael Clark 1 1
18 Brad Green 2129
19 Peter Vardy 2139
20 Troy Broadbridge 140
21 Steven Febey 00
22 Shane Woewodin 24 12
23 James McDonald 202
24 Russell Robertson 2132
25 Nathan Brown 249
26 Luke Williams 122
28 Aaron Rogers 0 0
29 Chris Lamb 13 1
30 Simon Godfrey 10 0
31 Paul Wheatley 1811
32 Cameron Bruce 2420
34 Jeff White 243
35 Anthony McDonald 51
36 Andrew Leoncelli 2418
37 Brad Miller 40
38 Daniel Breese 0 0
40 Mark Jamar 0 0
41 David Robbins 0 0
42 Peter Walsh 177
43 Guy Rigoni 00
44 Ryan Ayres 0 0
45 Matthew Whelan 21 3
47 Thomas Marshall 0 0

Best and Fairest

Five members of the match committee select the best five players each week and rate them out of 10.

1st David Neitz 336
2nd Cameron Bruce 295
3rd Travis Johnstone 232
4th Nathan Brown 224
5th Jeff White 223
6th Adem Yze 222
7th Clint Bizzell 187
8th Peter Vardy 128
9th James McDonald 126
10th Stephen Powell 109
11th Matthew Whelan 108
12th Shane Woewodin 97
13th Russell Robertson 96
14th Andrew Leoncelli 93
15th Craig Ellis 88
16th Brad Green 65
17th Paul Wheatley 65
18th Daniel Ward 61
19th Alistair Nicholson 60
20th Simon Godfrey 52
21st Chris Lamb 47
22nd David Schwarz 41
23rd Peter Walsh 40
24th Troy Broadbridge 16
25th Luke Williams 16
26th Ross Funcke 10
27th Darren Jolly 2

Other Awards
Most improved player - Chris Lamb
Most consistent player - Nathan Brown
Best clubman - Brad Green
Best Team Player - Cameron Bruce
Best First Year Player - Steven Armstrong
Encouragement Award - Chris Lamb


Wizard Cup Match 1 David Neitz Charging 2 matches
Wizard Cup Match 2 Adem Yze Striking 1 match
Practice Match vs Sydney Stephen Powell Striking Cleared
Practice Match vs Sydney Darren Jolly Striking 2 matches
Round 5 Stephen Powell Striking 2 matches
Round 13 David Schwarz Striking 1 match
Round 16 Paul Wheatley Wrestling $1200
Round 16 Stephen Powell Striking 2 matches
Round 17 Craig Ellis Striking 2 matches
Round 20 Paul Wheatley Charging Not Guilty
Round 21 David Neitz Charging Withdrawn

Coaching staff

Peter Banfield - Backline
Chris Fagan - Forwards
Brian Royal - Midfield
Anthony Ingerson - Tall Defenders
Jim Stynes - Ruck coach


Sandringham Zebras 2002 season

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