1999 Ansett Cup Round 1

1999 Ansett Australia Cup Round 1
Melbourne vs St. Kilda
Sunday 21 February
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 16,321

St. Kilda3.27.48.512.9.81

St. Kilda win by 21 points

Goalkickers: David Neitz 3, James McDonald 3, David Schwarz 1, Jeff White 1, Troy Longmuir 1

St. Kilda were dominant, opening a 32 point lead in the third quarter. After Jeff Farmer was dragged, the Demons hit back, and four consecutive goals cut the margin to seven at the last change. In a see-saw final term Melbourne got back to within a point with just minutes remaining but the Saints steadied with three goals in three minutes and Melbourne were eliminated from the pre-season tournament

Best were Rigoni, Yze and James McDonald. Jamie Shanahan was reported for tripping in the second quarter and Nick Carter for striking in the last quarter. They both received two match bans. Steven Febey suffered a fractured cheekbone, Nathan Brown hurt his shoulder and Donald Cockatoo-Collins broke his wrist.

Beams, Bishop, Brown, Carter, Chisholm, Cockatoo-Collins, Farmer, M. Febey, S. Febey, Ingerson, Kowal, Leoncelli, Longmuir, A. McDonald, J. McDonald, Neitz, Nicholson, Rigoni, Robertson, Schwarz, Seecamp, Shanahan, Smoker, Tingay, Viney, White, Woewodin, Yze



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