1997 Practice Match vs Richmond

Practice Match, 1997
Sunday 16 February
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: Approx 6000


Melbourne win by 38 points

Goalkickers: Shaun Smith 3, Glenn Lovett 2, David Neitz 2, Andrew Obst 1, Darren Kowal 1, Matthew Febey 1, Alastair Clarkson 1, Jeff Farmer 1, Darren O'Brien 1, Robert Pyman 1

In their first game for the year, the Dees were without Garry Lyon, Stephen Tingay, David Schwarz, Craig Turley, Marcus Seecamp, Todd Viney and Paul Prymke but still easily accounted for a disappointing Richmond side. Melbourne was six goals up at the half, extending their lead going into the last change before giving a goal back to the Tigers.

Best were Nettlebeck, Stynes and Obst. Steven Febey suffered an elbow injury.

Age - 17/02/1997

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