1991 Fosters Cup Round 1

1991 Fosters Cup Round 1
Melbourne vs Richmond
Wednesday 20 February
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 14,993


Melbourne win by 21 points

Goalkickers: Darren Bennett 4, Garry Lyon 3, Rod Owen 2, David Schwarz 2, Graeme Yeats 1, Andy Lovell 1, Simon Eishold 1, Fabian Francis 1

Richmond went into quarter time with a lead, and were in front for most of the night. They withstood a run of three goals by the Demons in the second quarter to kick six in a row which gave them a 15 point lead at the long break.

The margin was slashed to under a goal at the final change, before five goals to one in the last quarter won the game for Melbourne.

Best were Lyon, O'Dwyer and Bennett. Schwarz suffered a jarred knee, and Steven Clark was reported for striking in the last quarter. Clark was later cleared.

Yeats, Campbell, Bryce, B. Lovett, Spalding, Grinter, Stretch, Eishold, Egan, Jakovich, Lyon, Lovell, Owen, Bennett, Clark, Stynes, T. Viney, Healy, Rohde, O'Dwyer, J. Viney, G. Lovett, Keogh, Cuthbertson, Schwarz, Francis.


Age - 20/02/1991
Age - 21/02/1991
Canberra Times - 21/02/1991

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