Coach: Bob Skilton
Captain: Stan Alves
Finishing Position: 12th (last)
Best and Fairest: Stan Alves
Leading Goalkicker: Ross Brewer (40)
Best First Year Player: Garry Baker

Matches Ladder Playing List Night Series Best and Fairest Reserves Under 19s

New coach Bob Skilton replaced Ian Ridley, but Melbourne took a further step backwards and finished bottom of the ladder.

After losing their last eight games of 1973 to end up finishing 10th, the Demons opened the season in a similar fashion by dropping their first nine games. In took until 8 June to win their first premiership match in 11 months - both against Fitzroy. A seminar was shortly after to investigate all aspects of the club's operations, with speakers including deposed former coach Ian Ridley who suggested the club's committees should look to themselves for improvement. One official said: "We're in a desperate situation and desperate measures must be taken to get out of it". Melbourne won just two more matches for the year - including another victory over the Lions - and finished a game and a half adrift at the bottom of the table.

In April, the club backed a move by Collingwood for VFL Directors meetings to be opened to the press. At the same time they voted in favour of a censure motion towards a Richmond director.

The club lost $24,137 for the year, it's worst financial result of the VFL era.

Practice matches

Norwood LOSS
Carlton LOSS
Richmond LOSS

Premiership Season

1 CarltonLOSS
2 St. KildaLOSS
3 GeelongLOSS
4 RichmondLOSS
5 North MelbourneLOSS
6 CollingwoodLOSS
7 South MelbourneLOSS
8 HawthornLOSS
9 FootscrayLOSS
10 FitzroyWIN
11 EssendonLOSS
12 CarltonLOSS
13 St. KildaWIN
14 RichmondLOSS
15 GeelongLOSS
16 North MelbourneLOSS
17 CollingwoodLOSS
18 South MelbourneLOSS
19 HawthornLOSS
20 FootscrayLOSS
21 FitzroyWIN
22 EssendonLOSS


North Melbourne1606138.864
South Melbourne911283.738
St. Kilda701588.728

Playing List

1 Gary Baker 20 24
2 Robert Flower 1822
4 Tony Sullivan 180
5 John Clennett 146
6 Ross Brewer 2240
7 Graham Osborne 72
8 Peter Keenan 158
9 Stephen Kerley 100
10 Carl Ditterich 1912
11 Greg Wells 2226
12 Mike Collins 93
14 Neil Chamberlain 92
15 Stan Alves 2111
17 Denis Clark 184
18 John Tilbrook 1115
19 Ray Biffin 191
21 Graham Molloy 30
22 Charles Pagnoccolo 10
23 Shane Fitzsimmons 54
24 Wayne Delmenico 90
26 Graham Scott 84
27 Greg Wood 114
28 Tony Dullard 175
29 David Murray 60
30 Peter Williamson 1414
31 Billy Barham 913
32 Dennis Payne 10
33 Gary Hardeman 2011
34 Mal Owens 123
35 Steven Smith 1712
37 John Reid 20
38 Peter Slade 154
39 Kevin Moore 81
40 Neil McMullin 71
42 Peter Keays 71
42 Ted Carroll 21
43 Frank Giampaolo 125
54 Mike Power 20

Best and Fairest

1st Stan Alves
2nd Carl Ditterich
3rd Gary Hardeman
4th Greg Wells
5th Tony Sullivan


Round 1 Under 19s G. GilesStriking Unknown
Round 6 Sam Allica (runner) Abusive Language 8 matches
Round 18 Reserves David Murray Striking Unknown


1974 Reserves Season
Best and Fairest - Peter Williamson
Best and Fairest - Ian McGuinness
Outstanding Service - Shane Fitzsimmons, Peter Keenan, Neil Chamberlain

Under 19s

Best and Fairest - James Ahern
Second Best and Fairest - Phillip Friedman
Outstanding Service - Chris Munday, Greg Woods
Best Clubman - Ray Potter
Special Award - Mike Power
Leading Goalkicker - Andrew Baker (42)

Footscray 68
Collingwood 64
Hawthorn 60
North Melbourne24
St Kilda24
South Melbourne12

Under 17s

Best and Fairest - Steve Hilton
Second Best and Fairest - Robert Santagada
Outstanding Service - Geoff Osmand, Peter Gabron, Ian Sutton

Other sources show Neil McMullin as wearing #50 but Football Record from that year shows him as #40 after his first game.

Also Peter Keays is usually listed as having been #51 but the same Record as above shows him as being #42 from at least his fourth game onwards.

A second pre-season match against Carlton is shown, but later in the same article it suggests Fitzroy were the opposition. This would be more realistic than Melbourne playing Carlton twice in two weeks.

Age - 02/04/1974
Age - 19/06/1974
Age - 13/11/1974

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