1957 Night Series Round 2

1957 Night Series Round 2
Footscray vs Melbourne
Thursday 26 September
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 10,000


Footscray win by 26 points

Goalkickers: Ron Barassi 3, Peter Brenchley 2, Ian McLean 1, Robert B Johnson 1, Kevin Mithen 1

Having just won the Grand Final just five days earlier, nobody in the Demon camp had any particular interest in the night series and fielded a vastly different line-up to the one that had won the premiership the previous Saturday. It was Footscray's second game for the round, having already beaten Hawthorn to stay in the tournament.

Five injured players didn't appear and the side, and Geoff Tunbridge was unavailable due to study commitments. The makeshift Demon side went out to a listless defeat, struggling to show an interest for most of the evening and lacking the teamwork and coordination of the side who had romped to victory a few days earlier.

Footscray would have won by plenty more had they not spurned so many opportunities.

Best were Laurie Mithen, Ron Barassi and Ian McLean. Case was replaced by K. Mithen at three quarter time and Ridley by Turner during the last quarter.

B: Pinfold, Marquis, Fenton-Smith
HB: Thorogood, Wilson, Williams
C: Dunsford, L. Mithen, McLean
HF: Case, Cook, Dixon
F: Gleeson, Webb, Brenchley
Foll: R. Johnson, Barassi, Ridley
Res: K. Mithen, Turner
EM: Crameri, Crompton, Lay, Mountain, Whyte, Wilkinson

The Age lists the halftime score as 4.4.

Age - 23/09/1957
Age - 26/09/1957
Football Record 1957 Night Series 1 and 2
Age - 28/09/1957


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