1940 Lightning Premiership

Saturday August 3
Crowd: Approximately 30,000

The "Patriotic Premiership" was played as a fundraiser for the war effort. 3000p was raised.

Matches were played over two ten minute halves with no time added on. Melbourne lost heavily in the first round.

Round 1

Richmond 5.5
Melbourne 0.1 (Half time - 1.2 to 0.1)

The big men dominated, but Richmond were a far more accomplished side on the day and stormed to a big victory in the second half.

Best were Lock, McLean and Emselle.

Selected team
B: Emselle, Lock, Neenan
HB: McLean, G. Jones, Hingston
C: Anderson, La Fontaine, Wartman
HF: Gibb, Baggott, L. Jones
F: Maher, Smith, Dowsing
Foll: Mueller, Fischer, Beames
19th: Baxter

Herald - 02/08/1940
Sporting Globe - 03/08/1940
Football Record R15 1940

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