1928 Exhibition Match vs Gippsland League

Saturday 21 July - Sale Oval

Gippsland League 5.5, 8.11, 11.18, 11.19.85
Melbourne 2.2, 5.7, 8.10, 13.19.97

Melbourne win by 12 points

Goalkickers: Hope 4, Abernethy 3, Mollison 2, Chadwick 1, Johnson 1, Wittman 1, White 1

The game was played in poor conditions, with a wind blowing across the ground that made accurate kicking difficult. Matches between league sides and the Gippsland League were usually one-sided, but the conditions and improvements in the local game contributed to the league side putting in one of the most competitive performances yet.

Gippsland led by 22 points at half time, and 26 at the last change, before Melbourne stormed home with a brilliant burst of football to win by two goals.

After the game, the visitors were the guests of a complimentary dinner.

Sun - 14/07/1928
Age - 23/07/1928
Bairnsdale Advertiser - 24/07/1928
Bairnsdale Advertiser - 24/07/1928
Football Record R15 1928

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