1909 Exhibition Match vs Norwood

7 August - Adelaide Oval
Crowd: 3000

Norwood 2.3, ?, 4.10, 4.11.35
Melbourne 4.1, ?, 5.5, 11.10.76

Melbourne win by 41 points

Goalkickers: Harry Brereton 5, Unknown 6

The Reds travelled to Adelaide in the break between the Round 16 and Round 17 matches. There was a disappointing crowd due to the doubling of attendance fees for the game.

After an even first quarter Melbourne took the advantage when they booted three goals in a row. Norwood hit back but their kicking for goal was poor and they went in behind. The home side were better again in the second quarter but their kicking continued to be poor and they were still two points behind at half time.

The lead was cut one point further at three-quarter time, leaving Melbourne just one point in front but they then ran away with an easy victory by kicking 6.5 to a point in the last quarter.

Brereton, Strong and Nolan were best.

At half time of the next MCG game Secretary Jack Harper was presented with a rose bowl and water kettle by the President of the MCC in celebration of the victory, but controversial comments he had made during the tour came back to haunt him. In responding to a toast from South Australia he claimed professionalism equated to prostitution of players and attacked the VFA for taking players from the league by payments.

The Association vehemently denied the claims and league officials distanced themselves from Harper as well. Harper himself denied he had attacked the association, but maintained that club were paying players. The VFL resolved to send a letter to the VFA stating that Harper had no authority to talk for them.

This article gives the score as 11.4 to 6.6.

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