Coach: n/a
Captain: Arthur Sowden
Finishing Position: 8th (last)
Best and Fairest: n/a
Leading Goalkicker: Basil Onyons (16)
Best First Year Player: n/a

Matches Ladder Playing List

Melbourne's status as the only pure amateur club in the competition continued to hurt them, falling to another wooden spoon in their worst VFL season yet. Six players were so rigidly amateur that they didn't even accept expenses. The club announced that it would soon start paying its players, but for now they were only able to win one game, finishing four wins behind the next worst team.

The Round 13 game was postponed on less than two weeks' notice due to the tour of South Australian club Norwood being brought forward.

At the end of the season, a newspaper described Melbourne as "without doubt one of the worst sides that have yet appeared in league football", and strong criticism was levelled at its management during the annual meeting of the MCC. The club's committee maintained that the poor performances were the result of amateurism.

Practice matches

Caulfield ??
Richmond ??
Essendon Association WIN89-24
West Melbourne WIN69-57

Premiership season

1 CarltonLOSS56-83
2 FitzroyLOSS53-73
3 EssendonLOSS42-76
4 South MelbourneWIN39-34
5 GeelongLOSS56-75
6 St. KildaLOSS45-94
7 CollingwoodLOSS46-90
8 CarltonLOSS25-70
9 FitzroyLOSS39-91
10 EssendonLOSS29-95
11 South MelbourneLOSS27-83
12 GeelongLOSS46-57
13 St. KildaLOSS40-73
14 CollingwoodLOSS41-104
15 FitzroyLOSS13-120
16 St. KildaLOSS33-72
17 CollingwoodLOSS51-107


South Melbourne80999.932
St. Kilda601188.124

Exhibition Match

Warrnambool WIN54-24
Adelaide WIN93-41
Colac WIN54-30

Playing List

Lindsay Anderson 60
Syd Anderson 165
Bill Bowe 120
Frank Boynton 10
Frank Brown 40
Jim Conquest 70
Vin Coutie 1213
Horrie Drane 81
Jack Gardiner 155
Spencer Hayman 60
Harry Henderson 130
Percy Hordern 51
Fred Howard 80
Frank Hurrey 20
Frank Langley 31
Jack Leith 127
Charlie MacKay 33
Frank McCooey 40
Alec McDonald 10
Jack McIntosh 41
Paddy Mills 80
Lyle Morgan 20
Bernie Nolan 163
Basil Onyons 1716
Harry Parkin 10
George Peacock 142
Joe Pearce 102
Hugh Purse 138
Jack Purse 76
George Richards 20
Willie Rogers 80
Fred Sleeman 144
Lance Sleeman 10
Henry Smith 10
Arthur Sowden 133
Harold Stanley 11
Clyde Stanway 131
Norm Stephenson 10
Jack Strong 106
Charles Suhr 10
Charlie Taylor 31
Hedley Tomkins 53
Jack West 10
Reg Woodhouse 20

Some sources suggest that in one of the games against South Melbourne the field umpire bounced the ball in the centre after a Melbourne point because he believed the goal umpire had made an incorrect call.

Referee - 19/09/1906
Referee - 03/10/1906
Daily News - 22/03/1907

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