President - Frank Grey Smith
Vice Presidents - Dr Gray, Henry Harrison, James Byrne, Charles Forrester
Captain - James Bennie
Vice-Captain - Fred Baker
Treasurer - E. Longden
Secretary - Charles Jenvey
Committee - Above plus Sillett, T. Anthony
Leading goalkicker - John Macdonald and Murdoch McKenzie 7

Melbourne entered the season with £219, 5s and 11d to their credit and property to the value of £100. In addition to the other office holders Sillett and Anthony were on the committee. McKay and Graham were captain and secretary of the Second 20 respectively.

The top four were Geelong, Carlton, South Melbourne and Melbourne. South had been bolstered by merging with the Albert Park club. East Melbourne played their first season as a senior VFA club, while St Kilda reformed as a senior club but dropped back to the junior ranks after one game before folding again.

In the off-season Melbourne had lost John Booth, Crohan, Murray, WA Sandilands and the retired Sillett. They played 22 matches for the season, registering nine wins and five losses with eight draws.

In a major rule change, for the first time the ball had to be handpassed when it wasn't kicked.

A match against Toorak was cancelled at the last minute on Saturday 17 July when Melbourne couldn't field a team. Its players preferred to watch the nearby Geelong vs Carlton match. The next Saturday a game again West Melbourne on 24 July was called off when the opposition couldn't field a team. A match against East Melbourne on 11 September was also cancelled, this time due to bad weather.

On August 7 two teams of ex-players of Melbourne and Carlton played in a benefit match for the Children's Hospital. 3000 attended and 17 pounds were raised. Melbourne won 1-0.

Dave Aitken, Murdoch McKenzie and John Watson were named in The Australasian newspaper's best players of the year.

Receipts for the year were 418p, 11s against expenditure of 371p, 15s, 3d.

VFA matches

22 May West Melbourne WIN
29 May Hotham DRAW
5 June Carlton LOSS
12 June South Melbourne LOSS
19 June Geelong DRAW
3 July Essendon WIN
10 July Carlton DRAW
7 August South Melbourne DRAW
14 August Geelong LOSS
21 August Carlton LOSS
28 August Essendon DRAW
4 September Hotham WIN
18 September South Melbourne DRAW
25 September Carlton DRAW

Other matches

1 May Public Schools WIN
8 May South Yarra DRAW
15 May East Melbourne WIN
24 May Sandhurst WIN
24 May Seymour WIN
26 June Northcote WIN
1 July Norwood LOSS
31 July Ballarat WIN
3 August Western District WIN


John Adams, Dave Aitken, Charles Baker, Fred Baker, James Bennie, John Booth, Bob Booth, W. Boys, J. Chuck, C. Cock, Frank Crohan, E. Darlot, Harry Downes, C. Franks, J. Graves, W. Henderson, A. Hill, A. Hopkins, F. James, S. Lamrock, T. Lempriere, E. Longden, W. Longden, J. Lucas, William Manifold, James McDonald, John McDonald, McGivern, Murdoch McKenzie, A. McKie, Jim McKie, G. Meader, W. Moffatt, Thomas Nash, A. Oliver, F. Power, L. Roberts, Percy Serjeant, Bob Sibley, Bob Sillett, E. Silvester, Bob Simson, E. Smart, C. Swyer, John Watson, Arthur Young


John Macdonald 7, Murdoch McKenzie 7, Fred Baker 5, Bob Booth 5, Dave Aitken 4, Roberts 4, Arthur Young 3, W. Longden 2, Thomas Nash 2, A. Hopkins 1, E. Longden 1, F. Power 1, Bob Simson 1

Second 20

1 May Vaucluse WIN2-0
8 May Northcote LOSS0-1
15 MayEast Melbourne WIN5.21 - 1.0
22 May West Melbourne WIN2-0
24 May Colac WIN1-1
12 June South Melbourne WINForfeit
26 June East St Kilda WIN 2-0
3 July East Melbourne LOSS2.9 - 3.14
17 July Northcote LOSS 0.0 - 1.15
24 July East St Kilda UNKNOWN ?
31 July Hawthorn LOSS0.3 - 1.16
7 August Carlton LOSS3-5
28 August Essendon UNKNOWN
28 August Powlett LOSSForfeit
4 September Carlton WIN3-1

Vice-President Burn was probably James Byrne, and J Binney was probably John Bennie.

The Melbourne Juniors side who lost 2-1 to Richmond Albion on 19 June may have been the Melbourne Second 20 under an alternative name. Some say the Second 20 game on 12 June was against Fitzroy and the 24 July game vs East St Kilda.

Scheduled matches vs Hotham on May 29, Toorak on 17 July, West Melbourne on 24 July and Clifton on 11 September were not played.

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