1865 May Match vs Geelong

Wednesday 24 May - Richmond Paddock
Crowd: 500 - 600

Melbourne 2
Geelong 1

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: Andrew Fleming, Mark Smith

The two sides played on the Queen's Birthday for the Challenge Cup. Melbourne challenged them to put the cup they had won by beating Melbourne, University and South Yarra up for grabs but Geelong refused and proposed a friendly match instead. By the time the game was played the Athletic Sports Committee had introduced their own cup and it was put on the line in the match.

The game was even early, with Melbourne's defenders and wingers combining to send the ball forward quickly whenever their goal was threatened. Within 20 minutes Geelong goalled, taking advantage of the Melbourne defenders having shifted positions to kick through an unguarded goal.

In the second half Melbourne wrapped the game up quickly. After an hour's play Melbourne struck back through Fleming, before Smith got the winning goal 10 minutes later.

With a large number of fans not showing up until the game was over due to an early start a scratch match was played immediately after the first match ended.

Tom Wills was named as captain in the selected side but was unable to play and was replaced as leader by RW Wardill. O'Brien was also unable to play.

Best were RM Smith, Harrison and Wardill.

RW Wardill (c), Harrison, Conway, B. Wardill, Greig, Ogilvie, Fleming, W. Campbell, Powell, Wright, Treacy, Green, Ainslie, Darchy, McPherson, M. Smith, Smith, TH Ireland, Ireland.

Geelong Advertiser - 28/04/1865
The Argus - 25/05/1865
Bell's Life - 27/05/1865

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