1860 May Match vs Richmond

Saturday 12 May - Richmond Paddock

Richmond 1
Melbourne 1

Match drawn

Goalkicker: John Baker

In the first clash ever between Melbourne and one of the many sides which took the name 'Richmond', Melbourne started as favourites but Richmond had a number of familiar faces in their ranks like Tom Wills, Henry Harrison, Bruce and Richard Wardill. They played with 14 against Melbourne's 18 in the first documented match to be played with an oval ball.

Melbourne, captained by Thomas Smith wore white with players in a variety of coloured caps - mostly red - againt Richmond who played with a scarlet riband across the shoulder. Before the game Melbourne had sought to restrict the running with the ball rule to handicap Harrison, known for his use of the tactic and they won out. The shape of the ball also caused consternation between the two clubs.

The skilled players amongst the Richmond lineup, as well as inexperienced but younger and better conditioned players turned the game into a back and forth struggle. It also didn't help that the game was played on a slope, causing the then unfamiliar oval ball to spill out of bounds regularly.

Match probably played in Richmond Paddock.

The Argus - 14/05/1860


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