1860 August Match vs Richmond

Saturday August 18 - Richmond Cricket Ground

Richmond 3
Melbourne 0

Richmond win

On a slippery surface there was a lot of interference from bystanders standing on the ground. Richmond spent most of the day on the attack, and could have had more goals if not for stout defence towards the end of the game. This was Melbourne's first ever loss.

Selected team
Baker, Smith, JB Thompson, Byrne, J. Baker, Hammersley, Bryant, Woolley, W. Thompson, Wray, Murray, Ogilvie, Armitage, McPherson, Airey, Conway, Brazenor, Costick, Waugh, Morrison, May, Lightfoot, Campbell, O'Mullane, Arnott

Argus - 18/08/1860
Argus - 20/08/1860
Bell's Life - 25/08/1860

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