William Freeman

DOB: Unknown
Died: Unknown

From: South Yarra

After appearing for Melbourne in games against Geelong in 1865, Freeman was recruited permanently from South Yarra - where he had also been secretary and played 1859 and from 1864 - to play between for 1866 to 1872. He also appeared with South Melbourne and Carlton in 1867 and Carlton in 1868.

Freeman missed the start of the 1869 season when he was in Fiji but returned later in the year. He also played for South Yarra that year, and appeared in games for them regularly throughout his Melbourne career - including from 1864 to 1867. Also played for University in 1867.

He was known as a small player who would recklessly dodge in and out of packs during games. Freeman suffered a dislocated shoulder in the second match of 1872 and was out of the game for two years after moving to Sale for his employment. He returned in 1874 and played until 1876 before moving to Sydney.

On the committee in 1870, then served as secretary and treasurer of Melbourne in 1871 and 1872, then secretary again from July 1875 until the end of 1876.

Also referred to as 'Billy' in some news reports.

Pre-VFL Players

Argus - 17/06/1871
Gippsland Times - 05/12/1872
Australasian - 07/12/1872
Argus - 21/05/1938

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