Semi Final 1959

Semi Final, 1959
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 12 September
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 72,822

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 44 points

Goalkickers: Alan Rowarth 4, Ron Barassi 2, Ian Ridley 2, Frank Adams 1, Robert B Johnson 1, Hassa Mann 1

100 Games
Geoff Case

Melbourne went in with the same starting side as they'd fielded the previous two weeks, leaving Don Williams to sit on the bench in a final for the first time in his career. Selectors preferred to stick with the in form Denis Jones, Geoff Case and Ian Thorogood as half backs.

There was disagreement between the captains before the game on what ball would be used, leading to one option being used in the first and third quarters and the other in the second and last.

In slippery conditions the two sides slugged out the first ten minutes of the match evenly, until Melbourne got the first goal on the board and ran away to a 17 point lead while keeping the Blues scoreless. Their first goal typified the Demon effort, with a ball soccered from a pack by a Carlton ruckman stopping on the line, only for Ron Barassi to charge through and set up Hassa Mann to open the scoring.

Carlton's first three scores were all rushed behinds, and when they only managed one goal late in the second quarter the match was effectively over. They appeared to be uncomfortable with the slippery conditions, and when they won the ball they more than often kicked it away immediately, leaving the Melbourne players to mop up easily.

Melbourne's win was built on domination around the ground, especially in the ruck and the middle of the ground. Carlton's forwards were also well held by the Demon defence. When Melbourne had the ball the Blues tried to outmuscle them instead of playing the game which had seen them finish second on the ladder.

As conditions deteriorated throughout the afternoon the Demons adapted better, going in hard for the ball and handling it well despite the weather.

There were a series of skirmishes as the game went on, and a fight in the last minute centred around 100 gamer Geoff Case involved 28 players. With umpires separating the two sides and Melbourne players desperately trying to avoid doing anything to get them rubbed out for the Grand Final it quickly petered out.

Best were Barassi, Mithen and Robert B Johnson. Rowarth's four goals came from his only four kicks of the game - he was replaced by Williams in the last quarter after suffering a thigh injury. Crompton replaced Barassi (bruised leg) in the last quarter, but failed to register a kick.


Rowarth 4.0, Barassi 2.5, Ridley 2.2, Adams 1.2, R. Johnson 1.1, Mann 1.0, McLean 0.1, Tunbridge 0.1, Laidlaw 0.1, Rushed 0.2

Scoreless first quarters

Sun - 11/09/1959
Sun - 12/09/1959
Age - 12/09/1959
Age - 14/09/1959
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