Round 8 1953

Round 8, 1953
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 13 June
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 22,565

South Melbourne1.35.67.811.11.77
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 6 points

Goalkickers: Bob McKenzie 3, Noel Clarke 2, Geoff McGivern 2, Denis Cordner 1, Mike Woods 1


Melbourne had put in a creditable performance against Geelong a week earlier, and they were again gallant in defeat against a side which had kicked a big score the previous Saturday afternoon.

The conditions were not conducive to high scoring, with cold gusty winds and rain. South were duly handicapped and despite taking a 16 point lead into the long break they allowed the Demons to get back into the game with a number of scoring shots. The visitors couldn't capitalise on their dominance though, missing many opportunities. At one stage they were 4.15, with the defenders giving them few chances at direct shots on goal.

South raced to a six goal lead in the last quarter, but as they failed the Demons stormed back into the match and cut the margin to just a goal with time running out. They couldn't get past South, but Melbourne could have squared the match if two marks - one to Mike Woods - in the goal square had been paid in the last few minutes.

Lance Arnold was reported for, and subsequently cleared of, kicking. A boundary umpire cited him for the alleged kick during the third quarter. Arnold was best on ground along with Beckwith and Case. Paynter replaced Spencer (ankle), and Albiston replaced Gloury (thigh) during the game.

Melbourne 9.10 d. South Melbourne 7.16

Melbourne 7.7 d. South Melbourne ?.?


Sun - 13/06/1953
Age - 13/06/1953, 15/06/1953, 17/06/1953
Argus - 17/06/1953
Record - 20/06/1953
Football Record - R9 1953

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