Round 8 1924

Round 8, 1924
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 14 June
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: 15,000

Match Statistics

Fitzroy win by 46 points

Goalkickers: Derek Mollison 2, Hugh Dunbar 1, Richard Taylor 1, Stan Wittman 1

First Game
Bobby Ewer

Last Game
Johnny Egan
Marcus Glasscock

Former Maroons champion Gordon Rattray lined up against his former side for the first time but after a number of close losses throughout the year his side were comprehensively beaten. The Football Record correspondent dubbed it the "most lifeless" game he'd seen that season, and a third straight loss all but ruined Melbourne's hopes of playing in the finals.

Melbourne tried to turn their luck around with tough play, but after an interesting first quarter discovered they were up against a far stronger outfit and folded accordingly. Fitzroy were not only stronger but faster to the ball, and high marking was the only aspect of the game in which the Reds were superior.

Maroons captain Atkinson chose to kick against a slight wind in the first quarter, but any chance he'd given the visitors to get the advantage was ruined when they kicked just two goals from nine shots.

Slight rain fell in the second, and after a short period where Melbourne was on the attack Fitzroy took over, extending their lead at the half. The game was then settled for good in the third quarter when Fitzroy weathered two early goals then went on the rampage - racking up 5.8 for the quarter.

Already out of the game at the last change the Redlegs turned in a stinker, putting on their second scoreless last quarter in three weeks. They had wasted chances going forward in the first half and when scoring opportunities dryed up they were unable to stop Fitzroy going the other way.

Chadwick, H. Dunbar and Mollison were best.

Scoreless fourth quarters

Argus - 16/06/1924
Sporting Globe - 18/06/1924
Football Record R9 1924

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