Round 22 2013

Round 22, 2013
Adelaide vs Melbourne
Saturday 24 August
Venue: Football Park
Attendance: 35,643

Match Statistics

Adelaide win by 68 points

Jeremy Howe 2, Colin Sylvia 2, Jack Watts 2, Luke Tapscott 1

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Last Game
David Rodan

In the last game for both sides at Football Park, Melbourne threatened to derail Adelaide's celebration when they took a lead into quarter time. It was an encouraging quarter but everything had gone right for them, when the Crows started to dominate out of the midfield in the second quarter the game swung decisively.

After the two sides broke even for the first seven minutes of the quarter the Crows then took full advantage, booting five goals in ten minutes - including one from an interchange infringement - and six in a row before the visitors dragged the margin back to just 17 points at half time with two late goals.

The Crows kicked away again with four goals to one in the third quarter before Melbourne launched another brief challenge with the first two goals of the last quarter. That left the margin at a not insurmountable 23 points, but from there Adelaide were unbeatable - and they ran away with a comfortable win.

Best were Dunn, Watts and Grimes.

Aaron Davey replaced David Rodan at quarter time after Rodan had suffered a serious knee injury. He retired after the match.

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