Round 15 1907

Round 15, 1907 (Sectional Round 1)
Essendon vs Melbourne
Saturday 17 August
Venue: East Melbourne
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Essendon win by 15 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 2, Jack Gardiner 2, Jack Smith 2, Jim Conquest 1, Jim Fitzpatrick 1

Last Game
Phil Hunt

Last MFC Game
Herbert Hill

Having battled their way back to a position where they could mathematically still make the finals, Melbourne were gifted a golden chance to push the other contenders for fourth spot with a game against the bottom placed Essendon.

A congested match, poor by league standards, was marred by 'rough and tumble'. Phil Hunt was reported for striking and suspended for seven matches, he never played VFL football again. He had been thrown by Essendon's Martin and responded by striking him. For some time it looked as if the match would become a straight out melee between the sides.

When the game was restarted there was too much ill-feeling to allow a fair or friendly match, and the two sides played it in the spirit of a war. In the brief interludes when the match turned to football rather than players attempting to maim each other Essendon were the better side, and they won with a five goal last quarter.

Best were Pearce, Homan and Coutie. Hugh Purse played under the name 'Hugh Adams'


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