Round 1 1963

Round 1, 1963
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 20 April
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 31,300

St. Kilda3.26.39.413.5.83
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win by 18 points

Goalkickers: Frank Adams 2, Ron Barassi 2, Ken Emselle 2, Brian Dixon 1, John Lord 1, Ray Nilsson 1

First Game
Ray Groom
Graham Wise

Last Game
Garry Byers

In his newspaper column Norm Smith prophetically said "We always find it difficult to win at St Kilda and I'm sure this match will be no different.

With Barry Bourke unavailable to play full forward due to a bruised shoulder, the Demons trialled John Lord at full forward.In the unfamiliar role, Lord had the first use of the breeze after Ron Barassi woin the toss. They quickly took advantage, with a goal through Emselle in the opening seconds. The sides then traded goals for the rest of the quarter, with St Kilda getting the next two, but Melbourne levelling at three each by quarter time.

St Kilda used their turn with the wind to attack constantly in the early stages of the quarter but were being held by Melbourne's defence. They got the first goal, but the Demons responded immediately after. They got a break, extending the margin to two goals before a late major for Adams reduced the gap to six at the break.

The Saints started the second half quickly, driven by first game ruckman Carl Ditterich they got the opening goal. St Kilda's ruck division thrashed Melbourne all day, with first gamer Graham Wise well beaten, and Garry Byers was thrashed in his last game. The move of Barassi onto the ball helped Melbourne recover, taking a four point lead into the last quarter courtesy of two late goals. The home side again got an early goal to retake the lead, and the lead was out to seven when saved his side twice by taking strong marks in defence. St Kilda went down the other end and goalled to make the result safe.

Best were Dixon, Crompton and Adams. Miller and Townsend were reserves.

Adams 2.0, Barassi 2.1, Emselle 2.3, Dixon 1.0, Lord 1.3, Nilsson 1.1, Carroll 0.1, Wise 0.1

St Kilda 16.7 d. Melbourne 12.11
Goals - Thiessen 4, Rowarth 3, Ireland 2, Bourke 1, Dawson 1, Jacobs 1
Best - Vagg, Thiessen, Johnson

Under 19s
Melbourne 13.20 d. St Kilda 3.13
Goals - Schultz 7, Culley 2, Brewster 2, Edwards 1, Warren 1
Best - Doyle, Brodie, Leitch

Truth - 20/04/1963
Sporting Globe - 20/04/1963
Football Record R2 1963

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