June 1869 Match vs 14th Regiment

Saturday 5 June - MCG

Melbourne 1
14th Regiment 0

Melbourne win

Goalkicker: Charles Carr

Melbourne, captained by Henry Harrison, played against a team of officers and men from the regiment. Harrison wanted the traditional two goals to win rule, but the soldiers opted for one goal to be enough if time expired and it backfired on them.

From 3pm the two sides battled, with Carr eventually putting Melbourne in front. Shortly after the restart darkness fell and the match was declared over with the home side declared victorious despite not scoring two goals. They had 'scored' another goal but it was disallowed.

The match was played on the MCG itself. With a charge for admission to the ground many people stood outside and watched what they could of the game.

Selected side
Adamson, Barker, Barrass, Bell, Bennie, Bruford, Byrne (vc) Carr, Finlay, C. Forrester, Gaggin, Goldsmith, H. Harrison (c), E. Harrison, Hepburn, Leach, McLennan, Riggall, Stodart, E. Towle. Emergencies - Wildman, Thomas, J. Forrester.

Leader - 05/06/1869
Australasian - 05/06/1869
Leader - 12/06/1869
Mercury - 16/07/1931
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