June 1866 match vs Banks

Saturday 23 June - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 2
Banks 0 (half time 1-0)

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: Bill Gorman 1, Andrew Fleming 1

Melbourne took on a side collected from the employees of banks across the city. Many of the opposition were also Melbourne players for the purposes of competitive games against other clubs.

The opposition were drawn from the Australasia, Victoria, New South Wales, Oriental, London Chartered, Colonial, English & Scottish and National banks. Many were well known players from other clubs.

The game was played with a friendly atmosphere, and the bank side took their beating from the senior club with grace and good humour. At all times the ball was kept in front of the Banks' goal, but the match was only extended due to Melbourne blowing a number of good chances before Gorman finally dodged through the Banks defence to open the scoring.

It only took 20 minutes more for the second goal to come through Fleming, in the last minute before the end of play, through a mark from close range.

Selected team
Riggall, Harrison (c), Conway, Ireland, R. Waugh, Bruford, Treacy, Bennie, Woolley, Wilson, J. Ogilvie, D. Ogilvie, Freeman, Hewitt, Finlay, Fleming, Snodgrass, Marshall, Gorman, W. Gorman, Lock, Gates, Guy, Hillsdon.

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