April 1913 practice match vs Hawthorn District

Saturday 19 April - MCG

Melbourne 3.4, 8.12, ?.?, 14.26.110
Hawthorn District 2.2, 2.3, ?.?, 5.11.41

Melbourne win by 69 points

Tompkins, McKenzie and Fitzpatrick were best. Jack Evans broke his thumb.

Selected team
B: Monk, Pearce, Hosking
HB: McDougall, Armstrong, Evans
C: Angwin, Fitzpatrick, McKenzie
HF: Nicholson, Bourke, O'Carroll
F: Allen, Maguide, Gordan
Foll: Chapman, Watt, Tompkins

Herald shows the opposition as just 'Hawthorn'

Herald - 19/04/1913
Argus - 21/04/1913

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