Chairman - Henry Harrison
Secretary - RH McLeod
Committee - Eddie Fox, George Hallett, Henry Harrison, Scott, Arthur Hunt, RH McLeod
Captain - Eddie Fox
Vice-Captain - George Hallett
Leading goalscorer - W. Smith (26)

The VFA adopted stern anti-professionalism measures, setting the penalty for players found to be paid to a 10p fine and disqualification for the rest of the season. A limit was put on the value of trophies that could be awarded to them in order to try and prevent backdoor payments.

In March the struggling club came under the management of the MCC again. The Cricket Club paid off the debts that the footballers had run up in their horror 80's decade. R.H McLeod of Scotch College - and formerly of the recently disbanded University club - was appointed Honorary Secretary of the club. McLeod brought a number of his ex-University players, and the club's list was subjected to gymnastics and thorough training under the direction of experts.

The first scratch match of the season, the first 20 vs the next 23 was played on Saturday 12 April. The top side won 7.4 to 2.2.

On-field the prospects of the club were increasing. After having finished second last in 1889 and almost gone out of business, the Redlegs rose to eighth and won six games. If the club delegates had agreed to a proposal to split the league into two divisions it's almost certain that they would have started the season in the lower ranks. The won eight, lost nine and drew four - scoring 76 goals and conceding 94.

Part of the reason given for the still relatively poor performances of the side was the irregular attendance by players at training. Players who didn't show up couldn't be left out as they were generally important members of the squad.

The club lost 294p, 7s, 4d for the season.

VFA season

3 May Carlton LOSS
10 May Port Melbourne LOSS
17 May Williamstown WIN
31 May South Melbourne WIN
7 June North Melbourne LOSS
14 June Footscray DRAW
21 June Geelong LOSS
28 June Richmond WIN
12 July Essendon DRAW
26 July North Melbourne LOSS
2 August Port Melbourne WIN
9 August Geelong WIN
16 August Fitzroy LOSS
23 August Footscray WIN
30 August Richmond DRAW
6 September Williamstown DRAW
13 September Carlton LOSS
20 September Essendon DRAW
27 September St Kilda LOSS

Other Matches

26 April Public Schools ?
24 May Ballarat WIN


William Aitken, Bain, Bridges, Robert Byers, Billy Carroll, R. Clough, N. Cohen, Arthur Connelly, Darcy, Fred Drury, Evans, Eddie Fox, Herbert Fry, Ed Griffith, George Hallett, William Hallows, Alf Healing, Howie, Humphries, F. James, Jarrett, Jones, James Kelly, Richard Kelly, Eyre Lynar, Lew Massey, McCormick, M. McDonald, Jim McKean, McKinnon, Hugh McLean, G. McLeod, Mitchell, Arthur Neale, Frederick O'Rourke, Harry Orwin, Fred Prior, Robert Ramsay, M. Ross, Shaw, Fred Sheahan, George Slattery, William Smith, Stiffe, George Strachan, Eddie Toms, W. Tulloch, J. Williams, Joe Wilson

Second 20 players

Beveridge, Brooks, Colles, Foley, Grey, Halesgrove, Hyam, Hyam, James, Jordan, Kay, Kerrigan, Letty, Molineux, McGillicuddy, McDonough, Hurst, Hanson, McGuigan, Wright, Morris, Reilly, Woodman, Richards, Sheehan, Mahon, Tulloch, Tyler, Thompson, Taylor, Sheppard, Bragge.


W. Smith 24, Richard Kelly 13, Billy Carroll 8, J. Wilson 4, William Aitken 3, Ed Griffith 3, H. McLean 3, McKinnon 2, R. Byers 1, Connelly 1, Herbert Fry 1, George Hallett 1, Jarrett 1, AJ McKean 1, G. McLeod 1, Shaw 1, Eddie Toms 1


1st South Melbourne 1612
2nd Carlton 1324
3rd Essendon 1054
4th Fitzroy 1116
5th North Melbourne 946
6th St. Kilda 837
7th Geelong 928
8th Melbourne 649
9th Port Melbourne 6410
10th Footscray 4113
11th Richmond 3114
12th Williamstown 2214

Second Twenty

26 April Star of Abbotsford ?
3 May Carlton ?
7 June North Melbourne Unknown
14 June Footscray 1.4 - 3.4
20 September Essendon 1.5 - 6.18

Second 20 players (incomplete)
Beveridge, Courtney, Champion, Collis, Foley, Farrell, Hyams, Hyams, Jordan, Kay, McGuigan, Mahon, Ryan, Reilly, Sheahan, Tulloch, Woodman, Johnstone, Holesgrove, Mort, Poore, Mullen, Proctor

Game may have been played against South Ballarat on 19 July.

Australasian - 14/12/1889
Argus - 18/03/1890
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Australasian - 03/05/1890
Sydney Mail - 24/05/1890
Independent - 21/06/1890
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Age - 02/08/1890
Australasian - 11/04/1891

VFA Results and Tables

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