1877 July Match vs Hotham

21 July - Madeline Street
Crowd - 3000

Hotham 6.4
Melbourne 0.13 (half time 1.4-0.12)

Hotham win by 6 goals

Having been smashed by Carlton the week before Melbourne looked to bounce back against Hotham at the University ground. Hotham too had been beaten by Carlton, and went into the first half kicking into the wind after losing the toss. Forrester acted as Melbourne captain in Sillett's absence

Melbourne kicked with the wind in the first half, and C. Baker had his side's first chance, marking four yards out from the Hotham goal. He went back ten yards to make sure of his kick but managed to slice the ball and miss the goal. He had two more chances to goal but missed them both, and Hotham made him pay by taking the ball up the other end and scoring. It was one of three chances he missed from within 20 yards in the first 15 minutes.

Melbourne were playing with 19 on their side, and on a ground soaking wet in places they were unable to overcome the deficit. They had ruined their chances by kicking 0.12 in the first half, and conceded a run of goals late in the game after becoming dispirited. It was the worst loss in their history.

F. Baker had a number of opportunities on the run that fell just short, as did Suhard but Melbourne couldn't get the ball into the Hotham goal for the equaliser. From then the home side demolished their visitors and slammed on five goals for a comfortable victory.

Longden, Bennie and F. Baker were best. It was the first time Melbourne had ever conceded five goals in a match.

Anthony, C. Baker, F. Baker, Barrass, Bennie, Cooke, Cooper, Forrester, Fraser, Goldsmith, Houston, Longden, Johnson, McKie, Moffat, Sherrard, Sillett, Suhard, Webb, Williams. Emergencies - Booth and Petries

Some sources say the score was 5-0.

Argus - 21/07/1877
Argus - 23/07/1877
Australasian - 28/07/1877

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